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English Streamer. I stream games whenever I play and find them potentially interesting for people to watch.

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Twitter: Streams are usually announced here. Youtube: Clips are usually posted here.

About Me

Allo! I'm Cosdaman, you can call me Cos, some people from FFXIV call me Asari. Sometimes I identify as a frog. I speak English and some Tagalog. I stream multiplayer games I feel would entertain people. Constantly trying to improve the channel! I has no art skills. Buff Asari PNG made by nyaaaaati: Emotes are made by Keith Montalbo: PNGTuber Frog mama is NaomiGmbs: Musics Used BRB Screen: Happy Happy Game Show by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Starting Soon Screen: Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
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Feel free to tip if you want to. I will question you if you tip.