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A team of content creators devoted to raising funds & awareness for vital causes close to our hearts while championing safe, diverse & inclusive spaces online

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>We are partnered with the It Gets Better Project, helping to uplift, connect and empower LGBTQIA+ youth and teens through live streaming and our online spaces and communities.
#Previous Fundraising Events >- It Gets Better Project - June 2022 >- GameBlast22 for SpecialEffect - February 2022 >- Extra Life/Autistic Self Advocacy Network - November 2021
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#We are Cosmic Hearts! >We are a team of content creators devoted to raising funds and awareness for vital causes close to our hearts. We are dedicated to creating and protecting safe, diverse and inclusive spaces online, and amplifying and uplifting marginalized voices. >We believe in fostering welcoming, inclusive and safe communities and holding each other accountable as we do so. We are focused on supporting both our fellow team members and their communities, celebrating their diversity, sharing our collective knowledge, and helping those who need it.
#Rules >Hateful commentary including but not limited to transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, ableism, fatphobia and other discriminatory speech (including jokes) will not be tolerated. >We do not allow the use of pepe emotes in our spaces, regardless of intention. It has been appropriated by alt-right groups and therefore its use makes many people feel deeply uncomfortable and unsafe.
#Contact >Follow us on [Twitter]( >For collaboration, sponsorship and event opportunities, email us at