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I am a cosmic Horror! I a will eat your planet in pure silence! Mute Vtuber will respond in T T S or chat!


Cosmic can no longer physically speak, she will reply with T T S although this may take her longer to reply! She will try to reply.
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Hey! I am Cosmic, Loodie Tentacle monster, A cosmic horror, I love to play PvP focused games! Dark souls! Shooters and BRs! come chill, hang out. Embrace the void.
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- No Self‐Promotion. - Don't be overly Lewd to Cosmic - Enjoy yourself. - Cosmic will ask for help if she needs it. Don't backseat game her. -Listen to the mods

PC Specs

Case : TUF GT 501 CPU : Ryzen 3900x @ Stock Clock Motherboard : ASUS Crosshair Hero x570 RAM : 16GB DDR4 Trident @ 3000mhz Video : Gigabyte 1660 Super (Temporary) PSU : Corsair RM750 Gold Cert. Cooling : Wraith Spire Prism Mouse : Razer Naga Trinity Keyboard : Fisher-Price Keyboard Headset : Corsair Void Pro
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[About me Art : ItsKersu]( [Live2D model & Dragoness emotes : Ghostimu]( [BGM : Runamoth]( [Overlays : SleepyGhosts]( [Prayer emote : Lyquie](