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[UK | 25+] 🇬🇧 Hi 👋 I'm Crak: I love entertaining, interacting and sh*tting on folk live 😃 Whether it's getting toxic on an FPS 🔫 or being disrespectful to my JRPG waifus 🥰 I'll always find a way to lower the tone 🤮 Come, play with me and help me reach my goal of 1000 Followers! ❤️

About Me

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18+ UK Variety Streamer. NSFW. Disgraceful Themes and References. I predominantly play games I played as a child on my Playstation. I stream using a PC and PS2.


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MONDAY // WEDNESDAY // FRIDAY + BONUS and Discord Exclusive Streams!

PC Specifications

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GPU - ASUS STRIX RTX 3070 OC PRO - RYZEN 7 5800X 8 Core MOT - MSI MPG x570 Gaming Plus RAM - 32GB ADATA XPG GAMMIX SSD - 1TB M.2 PCI-E NVMe CAP - El Gato HD60S+


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