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Welcome! I'm part of the Melanin Gamers Stream Team. Please check them out! #melaningamers

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Founder of the Melanin Gamers community.

Welcome to Creativelyanzy

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My name is Annabel and I started creativelyanzy because as a black girl gamer I rarely see myself represented in mainstream games. There is a lack of female characters, characters who are people of colour or who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender. I want to create a community for gamers who are still under-represented in games. It’s a place for us to game together, discuss our hate for lag or just go hard on a really difficult level.

A world full of creativity!

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I am striving to not only bring awareness to the lack of diversity in the gaming industry but also in other areas such as comics, anime and books. Check out Aurelia the superhero of my The Star series on my website now. More comics coming soon!!!


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I am very keen to bring you all more content, more comics and more events like the gaming tournament I hosted in July. (14/07/18) Please show your support in any way you can, share, support, donate, grow together.