Tutor by day, Streamer by night. I'm a Zelda: A Link To The Past Randomizer Streamer who likes many different kinds of seeds. I'll play most seeds, but I really like difficult modes: CrossKeys, Insanity ER, Doors, CrissCrossKeys, and Nightmare. Any logical trainwreck is always accepted.


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I stream a lot, mostly during times of ALTTPR Ladder. To view the schedule of Ladder, please refer to the following website: https://alttprladder.com/Schedule. Currently it is in Season 16, the modes I'm most interested in are: Mystery, CrossKeys, Casual Boots, Grab Bag, and Inverted CrossKeys. I also have recently included Z1R and Z2R, the randomizers for The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventures of Link for the NES system.


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Hi, welcome to my channel. I play ALTTPR seeds all the time, mostly on Ladder. I'm into casual play and races for this game -- hoping for some bad level of trainwrecking or dumpster fire garbage seeds often. I also create Plandos for ALTTP ... yeah I just like seeing bad things happen logically in seeds. When the bot doesn't create them and I find an idea I like, I create one. Below are previous ALTTPR tourneys I have been a part of in the past. - Mains 2021: Top 64 - CrossKeys 2021: Finished with 5-3 - Mains 2022: Top 64 - CrossKeys 2022: Top 8 Below are previous Ladder awards. - Season 10 CrossKeys - Season 11 Overall - Season 12 Casual Boots - Season 12 Invrosia - Season 13 Grab Bag - Season 15 Grab Bag - Season 16 Open - Season 16 Insanity Entrance


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Want to learn about a specific mode for ALTTPR? Using your channel points you can earn a 1 or 2 hour session on any mode of your choosing: Open, Casual Boots, CrossKeys, Insanity ER, Doors, you name it -- even Nightmare. Rates may change if there is a large influx of viewers that want this. - 1 hour session: 60,000 points - 2 hour session: 100,000 points


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I pretty much play Zelda: A Link To The Past Randomizer (ALTTPR) extensively on this channel. Randomizer takes all 216 chests in the game and randomizes their locations to create a logical game. Every game has a goal, usually 7/7-Slow Ganon (collect 7 crystals for GT, beat Agahnim 2, and beat Ganon). More games hopefully coming later on as well.

Best Runs

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My Personal Best (PBs) for major modes in ALTTP Randomizer are in game time (real time is about 2 minutes slower than this timer): - Open: 1:11:06 (10/19/22) - Casual Boots: 1:03:10 (1/23/23) - AD Keysanity: 1:39:03 (11/19/22) - Inverted AD Keys: 1:51:28 (9/4/21) - CrossKeys: 1:23:31 (12/30/21) - Nightmare Doors: 3:53:46 (8/9/21) My Personal Best (PB) for Z1R (Zelda 1) on the NES system is: - Consternation: 1:19:26 My Personal Best (PB) for Z2R (Zelda 2) on the NES system is: - Tourney Settings: 1:17:35