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My name is Kou, I'm known as CuriousKou. Formerly HarukaHoshigawa!Chill with me at the internet cafe when I'm live!


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⭐No spamming ⭐No racism ⭐Just be nice lol ⭐No advertising ⭐You know what's acceptable and what isnt lol Click the image for a link to the discord!

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Everything will either improve my quality of living, my stream equipment, go towards games, food, or medicine for me. Thank you so much for even watching; your support in talking with me in chat is always appreciated. All donations are final though, please understand! Non-refundable!

My Youtube Channel

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if you want to watch archived streams or my song covers!


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Emotes by [UMI]( OVERLAYS BY [Jxjo]( Kou Live2D Model art by [SHUI_RI_BI]( Rigging by [Fafrotsky]( Panel art by [Chikari]( HarukaHoshigankha sub notif by [VividBit]( most video editing by [Jattazo]( CHAT BY [MitsukiBoBo](


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if you wanna safely send me things, suggest things here or buy me things! It's because of you guys I can even continue streaming ;w;