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My name is curry, I like to make people laugh. It is what I'm good at. Come in, feel free to interact with the host and curry will be here for ya.

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Chat Rules: -Be chill -Respect the Mods -No derogatory references please. -No hate speech such as sexism, racism or homophobia. -Please don't use this channel for advertising or self promotion unless specified to do so. -No spamming, or repetitive all caps please. -Please refrain from spoilers of any kind. I coach sports I will make you run laps for being rude to your fellow chatters.


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Discord link is for getting to know me and setting up fireteams. Talking with my mods. -My entire goal of my twitch account is to build a community. So I made sure to choose the friendliest moderators for you to chat with. !DISCORD


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Current games: -Curry is the name -Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 -Destiny 2 -WoW... If you want the lowest leveled character to be a part of your clan. I can be the guy that hangs out in social spaces and hands out orange slices after the raid.


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Donate to the stream. - Puts a live gif on the stream and text message for me and all the viewers to see.