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Hey there and welcome in. I'm a self confessed Cities Skylines addict who focuses on detailed realistic builds. My main project is Taylor Bay, which is an Australian based build strectched across 3 different maps. Thank you all the mod and assets creators for making this possible. Enjoy :)

Taylor Bay

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Welcome to the locale of Taylor Bay. The west coast of dreams... and despair, dreams built off the backs of the working class, despair what seems ot be felt only by.... the working class. Taylor Bay is an Australian based build strectched across 3 different maps. I have been working on this build for close to 2 years and half made of couple of iterations hence why is may be described as 'Taylor Bay 3.0'. I love adding a lot of details to my builds and use many (perhaps too many) mods and assets to make it happen

About me!

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It's me your friendly neighbourhood cyber scythe wielding city builder. I am Australian born and I love gaming, been doing so for over 25 years. From the Sega Master System to the current console generation, now currently onto PC gaming. I've done it all and have loved nearly every minute of it (curse those corrupt saves). On top of gaming I've shared a lot of my life with miniautre creations, digital and real. From the worlds of Warhammer, RTC and Cities Skylines or just the classics like miniature railways and model tanks. Combine the 2 add a big spoon of travelling, a curiosity of infrastructure, and you get the above.


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Due to my job i'm unable to keep a consistant streaming schedule. Join discord to stay updated Monday = Tuesday = Wednesday = Thursday = Friday = Saturday = Sunday = Be sure to join discord for exclusive random interactive streams *This is a general time frame. On some days streams may be longer, shorter or not at all depending on real life stuff.


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Why Subscribe? Good question. Subscribing to the channel benefits us both such as: -Add free viewing -Channelemotes -More channels points -Personal star on the Taylor Bay Boulevard Walk of Fame* * by gifting a sub both people will each recieve a star


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Come join and immerse yourself in 'Cities Cafe' Discord page, home to Earlyrav3, myself. Where we share with the community our ideas, screenshots, photos and more. Plus gain acess to self promote your content in there too :) Click the discord button for access


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Check out my twitter account to stay up to date with the latest channel news, screenshots and more


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1. Be respectful to others in chat. (We're all born human so respect each other) 2. Don't be shy. (need help?, ask. Wanna know how I did something?, ask. Whats my favorite coloured crayon to draw circles with?, ask.) 3. Enjoy. (Clichè rule?... sure, is it even a rule?... not really, but important)


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Like what you see? I couldn't have done it without the amazing talents of the Cities Skylines asset and mod content creators. Please consider going to their respective donation page/s which you can find in the Steam Workshop and show them your support. Supporting these amazing people will be thanking them for their creative skills and time. It may also unlock extra benefits such as exclusive assets from their personal collections and/or possibly grant early access to assets, maps, vods and more. .

Pc specs!

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CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Mobo: ASUS TUF Gaming B550-Plus RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 16gb DDR4-3600 (x4) SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB HD: Seagate ST 200 DM001 2TB Monitor: Samsung Full HD 27 inch SF350 Camera: Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Mic: Trust GXT 232 Mantis Mouse: Razor Deathadder V2 Keyboard: shitty $20 thing


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I enjoy doing what I do and I like to share it for everyone to see. Reddit is a great resource to do so and a great way receive feedback from the different communities. So here's mine.