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Whilst you were reading this, I stole your identity and all of your friends.


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Chill streamer, seldom memer. - Extra medium deal (formerly big deal) - Man of culture - 3x Lifetime subscriber award winner @ .tv/sips_ - Writer, co-director & chief goon wrangler for The Three Eggmigoes : A Rust Roleplay Extravaganza @ The Yogscast. Try to be kind to people. Even, and especially - if they're unkind to you.

What & when do you play?

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Generally Saturday & Sunday mornings. Before all the popular streamers are up. A little "support" act, if you will. I play HD Video Games. Typically Artifact or DOTA 2. Otherwise, I play ones that I enjoy. It doesn't make sense to play games that you don't enjoy.

Have I heard that name?

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Both 'Cynical' and 'Soapbox' appear elsewhere in the English language. You may have also seen me playing with Pyrion Flax or Sips. If the Yogscast do anything with Rust I usually crop up at some point.


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Donations are gratefully received - but please do not donate what you cannot afford x