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A 36 Year Old Variety Streamer from the UK, Product Manager for an Indie games publisher, playing video games badly, and seeing how long it's gonna take for someone to punch me for a bad pun.

Wired Productions

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I work for an Indie Games Publisher! We do lots of cool stuff, and you can check out our presence all over the internet! ▶️ Youtube - 🔴 Twitch - 👪 Discord - 🖼️ Instagram - 👍 Facebook - 🐦 Twitter -

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Welcome to the Gauss zone. I am a 33 year old streamer from the UK primarily focused on covering a variety of games and some multiplayer exploits with a handful of compatriots.


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Stream Rules These will be enforced by mods via time outs, warnings and bans. 1. Moderators word is law 2. Links are for subs and mod requests only - do not abuse them 3. Song Request abuse will result in your banning from use of the feature. 4. No all caps spam. 5. No hate speech - this covers anything mocking, criticizing or threatening someone's race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or personality. 6. Do not join the channel with requests to play with or stream with D3 - he will arrange games with others in advance 7. No self promotion. 8. Keep extreme personal issues out of chat. For a more in depth listing of the rules, how they are enforced and how to querie them, please ask a moderator or check the rules channel in discord.

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Subscriber Perks are Currently Under Review Whilst I get everything up and running (for real wasn't expecting y'all to be sub stars!) As it stands Here is what Sub gets you :- -Access to Gauss Zone emote(s) -Custom Sound effect for when you join -Request a performance (or submit your own!) for the Gauss Zone Lock In Stream -Become a part of the monthly Gauss Zone Lock in Party Stream! (these are gonna be big) -Access To exclusive Sub Only Giveaways -A boost To your GaussBucks Account!


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Always appreciated but never required! Tips are handles through streamtip - heres a link for the public notification tipping business!
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CPU : i7 7700-k GPU : Geforce gtx1080 ti Ram : 16gb Dominator Corsair Mouse : G502 Proteus Headset : Kraken 7.1 Keyboard : Corsair Mic - elgato wave 3


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Follow ramblings of my mind and stream schedules at


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Oft neglected but occasionally used - my life feed is at