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what the heck is up twitch

links to all channels are available by clicking the image of owner's respective art

also hi i am **dylan and i am 23** yes * **[twitter](** * **[donation link](** * **[sub link](** * **[my pc build](** **[?](**

the art here is drawn by senpaiw

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i request him to draw an anime girl with shades driving in a convertible while eating chips every other month

i frame it here like a how a mom frames her kid's art

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and his progression makes me proud

i am a proud mom

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i mean look at those clouds!!

here is also lildrib's version

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she wanted to be cool and be up here and she's one of my mods/my emote artist so yeah

my friend tecfreP made this he's great

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pls check him out

done by Toby2b during his bday subathon LETS GO

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look at this danish qt

my gf btw Kappa

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