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Hello, I'm a Canadian that simply wants to have fun with video games and with friends, like we were all on a big internet couch. Sometimes there may even be some art stuff! Feel free to come chill with me.

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Hello, I'm Dr.Dinosaur and I, like many people, have a backlog of games I haven't played. I've created this channel to play through these games while I chill out with friends old and new. I am by no means am an expert, just a guy that likes to have fun with videogames and chat. If that sounds good, stick around, say hi, and just have a nice chill with me for a bit.
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Hey there, we have fun here but we want everyone to have fun. Don't make racist, sexist, or homophobic comments. This is a cool place for cool people and we all just want to relax and have fun. Above all remain chill!
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Thursdays 6:30(ish) EST -Virtual Wrestling PromotionAWA Fightzone! Monday 630 EST My Steam library!
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- Bulb Boy - Dininho Adventures - Oxenfree - Broken Reality - Bully - Child of Light - Adventure Pals - Dusk - Convenience store - Fran Bow - Stigmatized Property - Metal Dead - Game.exe - Stories Untold - Sludge Life - Shadow Warrior