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Dance Game Player. Randomizer World Champion. Weightlifter. Podcast Host.

Games and Accomplishments

#StepManiaX and Dance Dance Revolution Stats for rhythm games change weekly. Check the latest stream of games to see active score totals. #Link To The Past (SNES) and Randomizer -ALttP NMG NoS+Q Any% 1:28:51 (Never forget the 2:06:21 days.) -ALTTPR League Season 4 Invitational - Champion -ALTTPR Main Tournament 2021 - Champion -ALTTPR League Season 3 Invitational - 3rd place -ALTTPR League Season 2 - Top 16 -ALTTPR Main Tournament 2019 - Top 64 -ALTTPR League Season 1 - 3rd Place -ALTTPR Main Tournament Fall 2018 - Group Stage - Final Record: 6-9 (nice) -ALTTPR Main Tournament Spring 2018 - Swiss Stage - Final Record: 3-4 <img><img>


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Chat Rules

1. Respect others. That's EZ 2. Links are ok in chat. Just don't spam them or you gonna get the hammer