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Watch me play games, badly. Calling from California, USA

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check out the youtube channel . similar content as my stream


OS Microsoft Windows 10 Home CPU i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz RAM 16.0 GB GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB MOUSE Razer DeathAdder Elite KB Redragon K556 RGB WHEEL Logitech G27 MIC Blue Snowball MONITORS: 24" viewsonic, 22" viewsonic, 19" dell


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ROULETTE: 1x payouts: !roulette black [points] !roulette red [points] !roulette odd [points] !roulette even [points] !roulette 1sthalf [points] !roulette 2ndhalf [points] 2x payout: !roulette 1st12 [points] !roulette 2nd12 [points] !roulette 3rd12 [points] 35x payout !roulette [number] [points] NOTE: you can make multiple bets in one line: !roulette [number] [points],[number] [points], etc... BLACKJACK: - To start a game: !bj [points] e.g. !bj 100 - After cards are dealt, either !hit or !stand. - Dealer will hit until his hand totals 17 or more. - Unless you bust, payouts are always 1x when player's hand is higher than dealer's - A hand with the same value as the dealer's is a 'push'. No money is won or lost in this case SLOTS: play slots for 10 points: !slots TRIVIA: to start a trivia round: !trivia CODE BREAKER Object of the game is to find the secret 4 digit code. To play enter your guess: !lock [4-digit code], e.g. !lock 1234 With each guess 5 points will go in the pot. The winner will receive the content of the pot plus bonus points, the amount of which decreases with every guess.


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Donations will go to a charity. animal rights, children's health, etc. thank you very much!

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