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A variety streamer who mostly stream story based games. On occasions, overwatch and other random games.

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**Name** // Pam **Ethnicity** // [Dusun]( **From** // [Sabah]( , Malaysia **Currently in** // Singapore *** I am a variety streamer who streams quite a range of games, including retro games, indies, and occasionally huge name games. I have a lurker-friendly Discord and Stream, so be shy or not to come chill with us! Thanks for being here! **** 🌸 [TIP JAR](
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I may get engrossed in the game that I'm playing - I apologies in advanced if missed out on your message! You can bring it up again for to get me to reply you. _But do avoid being too spammy too :)_ A few simple rules: > * Please **avoid back-seating**, because I do want enjoy the experiencing the game. > * If I do get stuck, I will open a discussion with you guys for advice. > * Ask before posting links (thank you!) > * Make friends, be friends > * Good vibes only! **** other stuffs: + ! [twitter]( + ! [disco]( + ! [youtube](