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I am Daiyul

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Join our Discord! It's where I post my weekly schedule, we share pictures of our pets and homemade meals, vote on upcoming games, etc.
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Email: Feel free to DM me in Discord as well.
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Currently Playing: Noita Spelunky 2 Previously Played: ABZÛ Among the Sleep Binding of Isaac: Repentance Blasphemous Blood West Curse of the Dead Gods Dagon Dandara Dark Souls Death Road to Canada Deep Rock Galactic FTL: Faster Than Light GRIS Hades Heat Signature Home Hunt: Showdown INSIDE Into the Breach It Takes Two The Last Spell Layers of Fear The Long Dark: Wintermute Luck be a Landlord Metro 2033 Redux Nova Drift Nuclear Throne Outer Wilds Phasmophobia Plunge Prey: Mooncrash Project Zomboid Pyre Risk of Rain 2 Rivals of Aether Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Stellar Interface Subnautica: Below Zero Vagante