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Metroidvania and Soulslike enjoyer. Send action RPGs.

**Just Call Me Daki**

I stream during weeknights and (7pm JST) sometimes during the day on Saturdays. I play platformers, metroidvanias, and soulslikes.

I'm on Twitter!

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Peep my twitter page for stream updates and the like. I usually make a tweet whenever I start streaming. Beware, I make lots of music posts and on occasion you'll see some anime tiddie.

Vods, Highlights, and Snippets

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I've recently started uploading stream clips to youtube.


Don't be an asshat. No backseating. No spam or ASCII. Links are currently blocked until I find some way to deal with bots. Don't advertise your streams or other streams here. You cool, we cool.


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Feel free to donate if you enjoy my streams!