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Hello I am Daltos. I'm part of the Yogscast and you can catch me every Monday on their channel for Armchair Admirals.I stream every day around 1 pm EST. Just Chatting, Rimworld, Crusader Kings 3, Starcraft 2, and other strategy games.

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!d100 - If you roll a 1 you're muted for the day, if you roll a 69 or 100 you get a free roll of glory If you roll a nat20 on a roll of glory you get VIP in the channel. If you roll a nat1 you get muted for the day. $10 - Change my stream title $20 - Get your name duct taped to a bottle of sauce $100 - Gets me into a french maid or cheerleader outfit for some reason chat likes doing this Channel point rewards: Roll of Glory - if you land a natural 20 on my d20 you get VIP Spite - Mute someone for an hour My Balls - I say my balls aloud Can you Dig It - I can The Casherole - You may donate 20 dollars and list an item of food and on Fridays I will cook those 10 items together and eat it. Items have to be viable and obtainable.


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Money supports my man child life style

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This exists so you don't know my address even though I'll doxx myself anyway

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this is where my youtube is


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