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The old Asian black guy from Ohio

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22 year old company director from England. Scuffed Streamer Certified esport Spyro The Dragon player

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I'll never ask for donations but they're always welcomed and appreciated


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Going to try and be more active on twitter so follow!!


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Join the discord to link clips of the stream and interact with eachothher!!

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All £10+ donations! Logan: £252.68 Aldaw0lf: £186.68 Chaeron: £85.69 DrunkElvis: £80 Pastyface: £79.36 Boris: £51.21 Dtention £50 Goomba: £32.10 Witness: £20 Mczerg £12 Pointlessbecks: £11.80 Spider: £10 Splayedflange: £10