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just a nerd that loves to game, i love to be funny and have fun with my viewers

about me

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love gaming? me too! Greetings my name is DariensDeath and i invite you to join me as I stream my gameplay, i am a variety streamer so i enjoy all kinds of gameplay, from survival horror to rpg puzels and adventure, mmorpg to shooter games. i have been told that i am a goofball and a joker so i embrace my weird and channel it to make people laugh. i feel that if i made u laugh at least once then i did my job LUL there is no requirement or demand from you to be here. in the end if you smiled i call it a win for the day we are always open to suggestions/ideas from YOU the Viewers to help mold the streams and content to be the best it can be, if you have any ideas please let us know how to make it a reality and we can make this not just a thing i do but something that WE can build together Thanks for watching!!!!!! And Welcome To The Death Army


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donations are never required to be here. i never ask it from anyone to, but if you are feeling like it, you can click on the link, any money given will be put towards purchases of new games, seting up prizes for future giveaways or equipment for the stream.


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below is a quick link to click to get a list of my social media accts to follow links included: instagram twitter discord merch tiktok


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merch now available! support the deatharmy by rocking your Swag! featured are hoodie sweaters , t-shirts, tank tops, leggins, face masks, coffee cups, stickers, phone cases, and much more