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Hi! I'm DarkArkK9 aka DB aka DBing. I stream nintendo switch games. I love to play Pokémon and watch Anime. Not a professional Pokémon player by any means. I do love to shiny hunt though. Now let's have fun and get some shinies!

About Me

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Hey everyone! The name's Bing...DBing. I have recently rediscovered my love for Pokémon and Anime. Come talk Pokémon and Anime with me! I am always looking for recommendations! My everyday job is working as a K9 handler. Paired with my favorite Pokémon Arcanine I landed on the name DarkArkK9 to incorporate both. With the help of friends I am beginning this Journey into the streaming world. Pokémon will be my main game but I may be open for Nintendo games if the interest is there. I love to shiny hunt so be prepared! Gotta catch em all!


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Let's keep it simple. Be respectful of me and others in chat. No spamming. No excessive cursing let's try and keep it clean.

Stream Team

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We are a member of [TheCookieJar]( stream team! This team was founded by [Nomeyy]( Making people smile and creating a safe place is what we aim to do. Check out the [Twitter](