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We are totally lightside here, for sure bro trst me.

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Chur bro - My name is DB or Drew I am from New Zealand. I'm in love with video games for sure bro trst me. A lil bit about me - I love anime my favorites are re zero, DR stone, classroom of the elite, hunter x hunter and gintama and I love bantering and having fun conversations. My goal in this channel is that you are able to connect meaningfully with others and we can all share our love of video games together. We have a wonderful wider community of friends and they are really chill and cool, please feel free to join us and just be yourself. Its ok to not be ok, we can talk about the good stuff and the not so good. This is a safe channel to be vulnerable as well as troll me. Its all about balance you know.
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Everyone love everyone!!! Basically don't be a dic, here's 5 simple rules to make sure everyone has a safe and chill time here. 1. Please no spoiling. Its about consideration of others, which is a big passion of mine. 2. Love animials - they are the best of us. 3. Please listen to the mods. These are my trusted friends who are here to make the channel safe and fun. 4. Do not harass anyone else 5. Enjoy your stay.