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Watch Michael Jacob playing games with commentary.


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If you enjoy what I do and would like to support me, you can donate here. If you'd like anything said in a shoutout, include it in your donation message! Also consider gifting a random sub instead! Sub counts can influence various benefits from twitch like more emote slots!

Huel Black Edition

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Get yourself a simple and complete meal!

Check before buying ANY PC game

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Before buying ANY game for PC, check this site for where you can get it cheapest. Can also make an account to get email alerts at your price points!

Who is this guy?

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Professional accomplishments can be seen from link above: 2005 Grand Prix Austin - 7th (Limited) 2007 US Nationals - 4th (Mixed) 2008 US Nationals - 1st (Mixed) 2008 Team Worlds - 1st (Mixed) 2009 Grand Prix Los Angeles - 5th (Extended) 2009 Grand Prix Seattle - 7th (Standard) 2010 Pro Tour Amsterdam - 3rd (Extended) 2011 Grand Prix Dallas - 7th (Standard) Lifetime Pro Points - 164 In non-boomer times: 2020 Players Tour MTG Arena - 3rd (Standard) 2020 Magic Online Championship - 1st (Vintage Cube, Modern and Pioneer)

Can I follow you through social media?

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Follow me on twitter: [@Darkest_MAJ]( to be notified of when I go online. I even occasionally say interesting things.


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Check here for videos of my gameplay (many with silence removed)


I have a day job, so I normally stream several days a week 7PM - 11PM Mountain Time (Denver)

Work related inquiries

Work related inquiries can contact me at