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Hello, my name is DarkLisa you can call me Lisa, and I'm A cat girl Vtuber I stream alot game OwO . Come and chill with me :3


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Hello, my name is Darklisa you guys can call me Lisa. I'm a new Vtuber and newbie to all-new streaming so please take care of me. I play a lot of games, my hobbies are listening to music and watching anime. Please take of me and enjoy watching my streaming


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here my discord welcome to join my server


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This is my new twitter because my old twitter got a problem .. sorry for delay .


!sr (song requested u need add word lyrics is will play in my stream ) !hug !lisa ( >_<) !lurk !so !uptime ( check hour long I stream ) !discord !twitter !raid ( here raid message)

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My chair and othere free stuff by : they twitter are : @cakecatboy My overlay make by RaruGruai His channel : His twitter : My emote mostly is made by mee new version of heart emote make by Whism33 Her channel : Her twitter Yandere emote by MeiBae_ His channel : His twitter
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DONT DO IT >_< . But I graceful for give me some tips and donate

My wishlist here

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Chirtmas art

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This is make by Robonxt >_< his channel : please give a big support for him

More art of me

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Same picture of the Introduction is draw by Yasminsimp Her twitter : please follow her :3


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Draw by Bacconstock His channel : Please support him and follow him too