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Hi, I'm JayJay! I usually play Overwatch or Sims, other random games can come up once in a while but you're most likely to learn about that on my Twitter @darkpaca!

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Hey there! Ich bin JJ/JayJay, streame manchmal, streame manches. Wenn du irgendwelche Fragen hast, frag mich einfach. Vermutlich antworte ich. Streamplan? Was ist ein Streamplan? Ich kündige immer auf Twitter an, wenn ich live gehe. // ______________________________________ Hey there! My name is JJ/JayJay and every now and then I'll stream. If you have any questions, just ask. I'll probably answer. My streams are in German and English, so don't hesitate to join us if you see me talking German. ______________________________________ I have nos tream schedule, check my twitter for stream announcements!


Solltest du, aus welchen unerfindlichen Gründen auch immer, auf die Idee kommen, mich finanziell unterstützen zu wollen, kannst das da [hier]( tun. Vielen Dank! Beachte: keine Rückerstattung! Bitte kontrolliere nochmal deine Eingabe, bevor du auf Senden klickst. // If you for whatever reason decide to support me financially, you can do so [here]( ! Thank you! Please remember that I can't refund you, so double check before hitting send!

Emotes by the amazing Alexandria

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If you want to use my emotes (and extras) on discord, get a notification when I'm live or just hang out: join my discord server!