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Dungeon Master for Dragon Friends. I thought this would be a good idea. I was wrong.


Dungeon Daddy Theme theme is by [MattsMusicHouse ]( Raid video BGM is 'Retro Metro' by Ketsa Shemshime's theme by [Rury Olivas](

Parcel Locker

SHAKEERA KHAN (it's gotta say this!) Parcel Locker 10184 37798 Shop 3 68 Evaline Street Campsie NSW 2194


He's a good boy. Depending on your sub level you can make him do things for you. ### COMMANDS (EVERYONE) **!wink** *eg. !wink* Make Wireson wink. ### COMMANDS (SUBS ONLY) **!beep frequency,duration** >!beep [20-4400],[20-3000] *eg. !beep 2000,3000* Make Wireson beep. **!pose xangle,yangle,speed** >!pose [0-180],[0-180],[1-10] *eg. !pose 90,45,3* Make Wireson twist on the spot. **!feel emotion** >!feel happy|meh|sad|love|dead *eg. !feel happy* **!animate** *eg. !animate* get funky with the current emotion **!drawemote** *eg. !drawemote 0x00,0x66,0xff,0xff,0xff,0x7e,0x3c,0x18* Make a custom glyph using [gurgle](