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Hey there I am a small variety streamer. Mostly focused on having a good time and having some laughs while we're at it. If you're having a good time feel free to drop a follow and join the discord! If you have any suggestions on games you'd like to see done drop them and we'll see what happens.

My current Pc build

Corsair Case 1100W EVGA power supply AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 64GB DDR4 ripsaw ram MSI 4095MB Geforce 3700 Corsair VOID elite headset Razer Ornata Chroma Razer Naga trinity Razer Iskur X

More info

Hey, I'm DBlaze and welcome to my channel. I enjoy playing all types of games, mostly of the multiplayer variety. I am a lumberjack (no I do not wear flannel shirts). I have been trying to lean programming but its all self taught. Some hobbies are spending time with the family, programming, hunting, fishing, and overall having a great time. I greatly enjoy survival games and Escape From Tarkov. I'm not the best gamer around but were here to have fun. I have a family and with work, my schedule cannot be set or completely constant. However I do plan to stream as frequently as possible. I hope you enjoy yourself and join The Hang Out community I am building