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Hey there! Thank you for scrolling down to check the panels only cool people do that. My name is Samuel, I'm a variety streamer from Italy. I play all sorts of games, From GTA to Final Fantasy XIV to Phasmophobia to No Man's Sky, even tho the kind of games I stream do not fit in one (or two or three) categories, I hope you have plenty of fun here, I'll try my best to keep you entertained. <3


The rules are very very simple, be a decent human being. No Racism, No Misogyny, No Transphobia, No Homophobia, No Anti-Semitism. The stream is intended for mature audiences, if you're under 18 please leave, there's plenty of other streams to go to. Do not post links without permission. Other than that one small thing I would appreciate is if you see someone getting timed out or banned, please don't ask why or what happened. There's most likely a good reason for it, If you're dying to know feel free to whisper me or one of the mods. (This doesn't apply if me or the mods are just trolling and banning people out of fun, which happens quite often). and omg the last rule is to have fun xDDDD1!!1


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Donations are non refundable so think twice before stealing your mom's credit card. yes i will spend the money to pay for my FFXIV sub thank you


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