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Hi my name is Declan a COD gamer from Scotland , I've been playing since a kid I am also 7ft tall with a huge heart for gaming I am a part time streamer and full time work please feel free to join my stream anyone is welcome and if you like my stream enough I'd recommend you hitting that follow


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dont be a dick its that simple if your in my stream to disrespect me or anyone then you aint welcome. it will be time out or a ban. Good vibes Only:)

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hi welcome to my channel my name is Declan duff Im from Glasgow, scotland. i have been playing video games my full life and thats what made me want to become big on twitch its what i love doing i like to show off my skills mostly on warzone or any other call of duty games out there im always down to play when i go live be sure to hit me up if you want a few games with me i usually rage with my scottish temper but it aint gaming without it.


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if you would like to put donations to the stream directly just click "donations" above to do that! donations go 100% extra and are not required to watch/please enjoy the stream tho always welcome.