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I’m Dee the crazy cat lady! I am a full-time college student and I work part-time. I stream when I can and I apologize for the long breaks in between. Come join me kittens!!! @Deegamercatlady

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I'm a full time college student and working part time so there will be times when I'm streaming all the time or you barely see me. Check my Twitter account for updates @Deegamercatlady Coming soon! Every other Monday DND
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1. Don't Spam 2. Don't Advertise 3. If I am playing a story driven game please NO SPOILERS! Hints are appreciated but no spoilers. 4. Ignore the trolls! Don't feed them! (Please let the mods or myself handle them.) 5. Respect the MODS and fellow viewers 6. Don't ask to be a MOD. 7. No threats or abusive language 8. Targeted harassment is not allowed 9. No excessive messaging or spamming
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We are a platoon of all ladies! Updates on BFLN streaming days.