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The official Twitch of Deeman85W thanks for stopping by! Now streaming on Xbone and PS4.Follow me on Twitter @Deeman85W and our teampage @Make_A_Killing #Affiliate

Who is Deeman?

I'm Deeman aka Dennis Dee all those work lol I'm in my 30s and husband and father of 3 great boys. I live in Nevada but am from SoCal. Huge fan of the Steelers UFC Strange Music and much more make sure to hit my twitter up @Deeman85W for updates on all sorts of stuff. CLICK ON IMAGES TO GO TO THEIR SITE!


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What is MAK? We started as a group of gamers that had love for a game. Now we are growing and moving into other areas of the gaming world. Our names says it all MAKE A KILLING pays most active members in the form of gift cards, products from our partners and more. With a variety of players, personalities, and sides of the teams we have something for everyone.


Times are Pacific Time Zone This may change so make sure to follow my twitter for updates. @Deeman85W Wed-Fri 4:30pm-9:00pm Sat- *UFC Updates when on FoxS1* 4:30pm-9:00pm Sun 11:00am-???


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Shoot 2X faster instantly! Trigger Devils cut the trigger travel distance in half so you can shoot twice as fast! Peel and stick in seconds and you will be able to get the edge over the competition. Follow them on snapchat at TriggerDevils


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Everyone knows and loves their Freeks so make sure to click the image above When ordering from @KontrolFreek by using our link Every purchase from them earns a FREE gift from us!

Trigger Grips

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Trigger Treadz is the best trigger grips out there make sure you check them out and use code MAK at checkout, they have many other products aimed at enhancing your experience.


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Are you looking for that great tasting drink that will keep you focused all day? Well head over to Blitz today and use code MAK when you check out and save. They even have a monthly sub option with great discounts and free a free tub every month don't miss out!