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Last live last year

I no longer stream thank you for all the fun times~ I hang out in my Discord voice Fridays at 8pm pt

Panel Content
* Height: 5'4 * Zodiac: Horse * Favorite Games: RE7, SOMA, Layers of Fear, Evil Within * Favorite Niche Games: The Bunker, a Girl's Fabric Face, God's Basement, Hektor, ImScared, Lost in Vivo, Stories Untold * Favorite Shows: Rupaul's Drag Race, Bates Motel, Dexter, Wentworth, Hannibal * Favorite Anime: HunterxHunter * Favorite Movies: Saw Series, The Hobbit Trilogy * Companion: Sassy the Boston Terrier * Diet: Vegan
Panel Content
[Go vegan]( [For the animals]( [For the environment](