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DefinitelyNotAnny streams Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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I am Anny and I'm 18 years old. I live in Germany and I am still graduating school. I'm part time streaming on Twitch every week.

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If you want to support me and my Channel you can donate to me! I appreciate all of your tips and donations very much and use them to improve the Stream by buying better Equipment and Games for more content.

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Join our Community on Discord, get Notifications when I am going to Stream. Rank up with my Discord Ranking system and get Special offers such as Giveaways and playing with me on the Stream!

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I would appreciate it a lot if you would Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. There I upload Gameplay Videos, Vlogs and other fun stuff. Games will especially be only uploaded on Youtube if the Story of the Game is important, so people don't miss out on it on Stream.


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You can buy things for me from my Amazon Wishlist. Just like donations, never expected but always appreciated. On the Website click on "Wishlist" to see all my Wish Items.


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Im proudly part of the Meratua Content Network - a group of creatives that follow the same values & together with []( want to bring you the best content possible.