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Crazy danish lady who enjoys playing games with her friends and family. Plays shooters, survival, story, co-op, and random + Does Baking, Arts and Craftings 😊

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Hello! DT here. I'm a 30 Y.O. Plebasaurus from Denmark, married to an awesome englishman. I am a parttime SoMe Coordinator for a mobile game development firm, working limited hours because of health reason. When I was 24 I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus, which is why I might complain about stiffness in my hands and be slow in videogames or when crafting 😅 Some might wonder why I am no longer affiliate - My work situation is as follows; I am in a flexjob, where I work what I can, and then get compensated for the other hours by the state. This means I cannot recieve any other money that would be classed as income - and Twitch payout is considered such. I hope you will continute to enjoy the streams, despite no emotes 😁
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This stream is meant to be a chill place where anyone can come in and just chat and escape from irl things for a bit. So please stick to the rules, as I myself would rather enjoy streaming than having to moderate idiots 😉 Be polite to everyone. No Back-Seat gaming! Don't Spam chat. Use common sense... Please.
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I will put some text here soon that describe how you can still support me, without it causing an impact on my work situation 😉 Any donations will go towards my hobbies; Baking & Crocheting, or my Wishlist. I have considered using Throne Wishlist, but am currently checking if their pay-out method might be classed as an issue with my work situation, even thought the money would be gifted/donated still.