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Welcome to the home of your new favorite Villain! I've been streaming for several yrs and I still learn new things everyday. I push for diversity and inclusion in the industry and hope to become a source for gaming news, comic book hot takes, and sometimes even some dope gameplay. Chicago Native.

*********ABOUT ME*********

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Hey I'm Denny, I play alot of Fighting Games so feel free to ask to play with me. I'm also really into Dark Souls and Bloodborne. You will see challenge runs and lore chat playthroughs on the channel. Outside of the main games, I dive into a variety of games on the channel including action adventure games and mystery titles. FAVORITE HOBBIES: Reading comics, photography, working on my cosplay, and watching a ton of movies and film. (Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Black Lightning, Hannibal etc). I'm a big horror game/movie fan. We love discussion here! Whether its about comics, film, gaming, TV, music or even sports (GO BEARS) I will probably have an opinion about most topics. I want to build a great community here so ask me cool questions in chat.


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**NO RACIST, SEXIST or HOMOPHOBIC SPEECH** If I have to explain this to you, you wont be in my stream for long. No Homophobic or Transphobic speech. No racial slurs. We don't promote any forms of hate here. Also respect the pronouns someone goes by. **EXCESSIVE PROFANITY** This is a mature stream so adult language is fine but don't excessively spout nonsense. Keep it classy guys. **DON'T SPAM IN ALL CAPS** Doom doesn't like being shouted at. **BACKSEAT GAMING** Doom does not want you to hold his hand. He will crush it. A blind playthrough means no backseating unless specifically asked for advice. Saying "can't wait til you fight the boss around the corner" will lead to a powerful blast from my timeout ray. DO NOT TEST DOOM. **CONSOLE WAR/PC MASTER RACE TOPIC** I don't care. Take that stuff to some website comment section. Also don't get obnoxious with game setting suggestions if I decline them. **NO SEXUAL ASSAULT JOKES ** Show everyone respect. Also whether you have the intention to or not, these kinds of jokes can trigger members of the community and it is not a good look to compare losing a game to r*pe or other sensitive topics. I would like all my friends to be comfortable in my channel. So yea keep it classy x2. **DON'T FUCK UP THE VIBE** We like to show eachother respect in this space. If you feel hostile, feel free to leave, chill out and come back later. You can disagree with folks without insulting them. **NO GATE KEEPING** We don't quiz folks on what makes them a "true" nerd here. If you play a game, you are a gamer. Simple as that.

TIPS ARE Appreciated

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Tips go directly towards giveaways, equipment, and games you guys wanna see me play. I use the money to improve the stream. (All tips are final. There are no products or services rendered or exchanged for your tips. When you confirm your tip you agree to not charge-back or refund any tips, and that you are the rightful owner of the funds being tipped..) So shit. Anyways, thank you everyone! #TheVillains [Click for tip link here](

Subscription Perks

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If you sub using the big purple button to one of these 3 tiers you will get an awesome emote to use in ANY twitch chat! Also subs get their own sound effect when they enter the stream. Lastly, on viewers choice night, subs will get first choice on what Denny plays on stream. Other perks like sub giveaways are coming soon!


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Fight Club Weekly may be coming back in 2021. Stay tuned!
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I bought a custom PC built by iBuyPower: **PC SPECS** Intel® Core™ i7-7700K Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070i AVC K7127N Liquid CPU Cooling System 16 GIG RAM 2 TB HHD 240GB Kingston V300 SSD **Stream Stuff:** Logitech C2922 Webcam I also use my Canon Rebel T6 w/ Utility Tool Elgato Wave 3 Mic Elgato 4k 60 Capture Card Astro A50 Headphones and Mixamp Pro I broadcast using Xsplit. Not a sponsorship.


If you would live to help me out by purchasing items for the stream or games you want to see me play, feel free to check out my wishlists! [Steam Wishlist]( [Amazon] (