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NOW STREAMING ON TWITCH.TV/BECKYANDCLOUD //// Singer-songwriter living in France, streaming live acoustic music. Playing various games sometimes :)


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My name is **Julien Destange**, singer-songwriter living in France, also vocal coach and guitar/ukulele tutor. It's been more than 10 years now since I started to play and sing. I stream some ***Requests Sessions*** for you to enjoy and for me to practice :). *Check the [songlist]( for your requests!* ###Musical Projects I'm currently working with: >+ [Julien Destange]( (Dream Folk) >+ [Becky&Cloud]( (Indie Folk Cover) >+ [Blossom]( (Irish Music) >+ [Revecca]( (Impressionnist Songwriting) >+ [Lorraine Original Ukulele Parties]( (Ukulele Club for Public Education) >+ [18.56]( (Trip-Rock Space Themed)
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###[Click here]( to check my songlist for requests (300+ songs) ###Requests are free but [**DONATIONS**]( are welcome if you want to support this stream and **get your song at the top of the queue**
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###Stalk me everywhere on the internet >+ [DISCORD]( (Make suggestions for new songs, or have a nice lil' talk) >+ [TWITTER]( (To know about the incoming-streams) >+ [YOUTUBE]( (with authentic 10yr-old-videos I'm not always proud of.) >+ [FACEBOOK]( (Info about gigs and new video/sound coming out soon) >+ [BANDCAMP]( (Original songs for free or more) >+ [INSTAGRAM]( (Pictures of touring and everyday life)