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devilsangel38 streams PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and Grand Theft Auto V.


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Although donations are not required, they are greatly appreciated. I just recently found a passion for gaming, and would love to continue to upgrade my PC so that I can have a decent stream. Please and Thank You.

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Hi everyone. A little bit about me, myself, and I. I am what a lot of you call a newbie to gaming. Although I have played here and there, I just now recently really got into it. Thank you Rust. Thank you Bert469. My favorite person to game with as well. I am slowly, but surely learning. Especially shooting. When I am not gaming I am working. I started my own business about 7 months ago. Which I have really enjoyed doing. Some of my other favorite games to play are pretty much DayZ. Like I said...newbie.

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My Rules: 1. Please respect one another, including me. I will not tolerate rude comments or questions. I am a woman, treat me like one. I expect you to treat my followers the same. Please and Thank you. 2. Keep the chat clean. I don't like a dirty room. 3. Please keep in mind that I am new to gaming. I am well aware of this. I don't mind constructive criticism, anything that will help me become a better gamer is welcomed. Anything other then that is not needed. 4. I only speak English. I only understand English. No offense, but if I can't have a conversation with you there is no need to be in my chat. 5. If I need to make any more rules for you to understand what I expect in chat, then you should not be in chat.

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