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hi :). name's daniel. i'm 20 something (i don't remember lmao). stay a while and lets be friends.

about me

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name: daniel age: 20 something (idr) land of broken dreams streams usually on mondays and whenever else i feel like it it's me

donations :3

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If you enjoy the stream feel free to donate to my poor ass :3

artists igs

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[lileh]( [starbbit]( [frypototo]( [bestlovebaby]( [euraelia]( [chryselephantines]( [eh_artz](

friends who also stream sometimes

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[zetmode]( [phancastic]( [jleonseven]( [lileh_watchamacallit](

my links

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[twitter]( [instagram]( [my guild discord]( [swire appreciation club]( [my](