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hi, i'm Lili, nice to meet you!!!! i'm currently doing a Sonic the Hedgehog retrospective series every Friday at 7pm Pacific ^____^

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Hi, my name is Aomori Rinko, but you can call me Lili! I'm a Vtuber living in the digital world. For stream announcements, please follow my Twitter! [Twitter]( [YouTube](


### Who are you? We are Lili (she/her) and Evan (they/them). Lili plays the games, Evan provides the research and trivia (if it's a Sonic stream). Evan can be found on Twitch as evan_online, and on Twitter as evan__online (with two underscores). ### Why do you stream under the LGBTQIA+ tag? Lili is a lesbian and Evan is nonbinary. We want our streams to be a place where anyone is welcome. ### Who is Will Littlecreature? Will Littlecreature is a funny little green man who reads messages to us in a silly voice. We love and respect him. He is not Yoda. ### When do you stream? Fridays at 7pm Pacific - 30 Years of Sonic Other random streams may happen at any time, so keep your eyes open! ### What's 30 Years of Sonic? 30 Years of Sonic is a stream series dedicated to playing as many Sonic and Sonic-related games as we can to celebrate Sonic's 30th birthday (1991-2021). ### What's Sour Bet? Sour Bet is our own take on the Salty Bet formula, where we pit custom Rivals of Aether characters from the Steam workshop against each other in randomized matchups and have the chat make predictions on who will win.