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DigitalGamingAngels streams Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and Dungeons & Dragons.


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About Us

We are the Digital Gaming Angels! Three women who enjoy playing games and streaming. Our three Angels are Seraphie, Jannaoo, and Ivyana. We stream and chat once to twice a week, mostly weekends, where we will be discussing many topics including, food, workouts, funny stories, and what games we will be playing that week. Viewers will have the chance to pick which Angel they want to send on a mission, and what game they want her to play. If you would like to contact us you can visit our twitter page


No posting Links. Ask First. Be kind and respectful. No long messages in chat. No self-promotion. We will occasionally have guests on and will promote you that way.


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It is not necessary, but if you would like to leave us a tip/donation, it will always be appreciated! And we thank you so much for the support!

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Games List

Games we all have: Mario Kart 8. Monster Hunter 3U. Minecraft. Assasin's Creed Black Flag. Space Engineers. Speed Runners. Garry's Mod. Counterstrike. APB Reloaded. Payday. Payday 2. Worms Reloaded. Left 4 Dead 2. Terraria. Torchlight 2. Elsword. Unturned. Mount Your Friends. Moonbase Alpha. Games Jan has: Steam: Banished. Bastion. Brothers-A tale of Two Sons. Don't Starve. Ducktales Remastered. Fez. FTL. Game Dev Tycoon. Left 4 Dead 2. Paper's Please. Civ V. Sequence. Starbound. Games Seraphie has: Wii U: Pikmin 3. PS3: Boderlands. Borderlands 2. Dragon's Dogma. Resident Evil 5 (Gold Edition). Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. Monster Hunter Portable 3 (Japanese Version). Diablo (Infernal Helm). Lost Planet 2. SSF IV Arcade Edition. Little Big Planet 2. Steam: Don't starve. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Heist. Starbound. Games Ivy has: Wii U: Trine 2. Pikmin 3. Call of Duty II. Call of Duty Ghosts. Sonic and All-Stars racing transformed. Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Child of Light. Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD. The Letter. Steam: Alien Swarm. DreadOut. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Fallout: New Vegas.