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Streaming Fortnite with 11 viewers

Casual variety streamer taking a more relaxed approach to streaming. Come in, chit chat, have a good time, enjoy some games. Streaming every Sunday and Wednesday around 6pm EST#teamjourney

Team Journey

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I’m a member of Team Journey! We are a collective of streamers from all different backgrounds looking to support each other and play games together. You can follow us here: [Instagram]( [Twitter]( [Twitch]( [Youtube](


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Trigger Audio: !top (sound: “he is so big and so dumb”) !bottom (sound: “look at you, you’re just a bottom) !eww (sound: Steaknolives saying eww) !vers (sound: “Why ah you geh”) !ready (sound: “Who’s after peppermint?”) !shieldshove (sound: Mocha saying "dont pull that") !steaknolives (sound: “Close your legs to married men”) !tlp (sound: *meow*) Trigger Animation: !endstream (TV Static for 2 seconds) !himbo (Math appears over camera) !fine (Screen catches on fire for 4 seconds) !party (Dancing Ghosty emotes appear) !journey (Team Journey logo appears) !discord (Wyatt appears on screen, discord link in chat) Chat commands: !8ball (type this followed by a question for a mystical answer) !badghost (counter: ghosty was chaotic) !bonk (bonks thirsty chat) !bottom (Random percentage bottom) !clip (clip the last 15 seconds) !dadjoke (counter: Dad jokes made) !dbd (Dead by daylight friend code) !deaths (counter: Times Ghosty died on screen) !discord (Discord link) !doxx (counter: Ghosty’s real name was said) !filth (counter: chat was bad) !followage (see how long you have been following) !funfact (randomly generated fun fact) !himbo (counter: ghosty got confused) !hug (type this followed by someone’s username to hug them) !journey (team journey social media links) !lurk (let me know you’re here, just quiet) !merch (link to ghosty’s merch page) !mocha (counter: mocha bear was bad) !of (See for yourself) !problematic (a link to xomochaxbearxo original music) !raid (raid message for all) !reference (counter: ghosty doesn’t know pop culture) !shieldshove (ghosty puts a captain America shield in a dark place) !snap (counter: ghosty is on his phone) !socials (ghosty’s instagram and twitter) !top (random percentage top) !vers (random percentage vers)