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Philly DJ and purveyor of all things alternative. Spins genres such as Goth, New Wave, Dark Wave, Bat Cave, Death Rock, No-Wave, Punk, Cold-Wave, Synth, Dance Pop, Britpop, Indie, 90s alt, Post-Punk, Hip-Hop, Queer Anthems, 80s, Glam, Art Rock, Soul, Disco, 90's House, Euro Disco, and much more!

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Show me your tips! ;P ALL tips are very much appreciated during this very difficult time. All funds will go towards buying new music, upgrading my streaming gear, keeping the internet on, the tequila flowing, and just survival in general for me and my 5 fur babies. Thank you, this isn't possible without YOU. Tip Links: (5534)$aaandberlin/ Plz leave your twitch name in the memo <3