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Hello, my name is Jay Decorum aka Beyond Earth. I livestream freestyle mixes in many genres, always with an ultra uplifting vibe. Here you will find Trance, House, Techno, and UK/Happy Hardcore. With 90s raver roots, I have a passion for electronic music and I bring this love to every stream.(PLUR)

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- Subscribe to the stream (this is free if you have an Amazon Prime membership) - [Donate toward helping me grow my stream and/or throw events](Http:// - [Buy me a bit of cheese on Ko-Fi]( - Confirm that you are hosting the show when I'm live - Add the show to your auto-hosts list (this will not always mean you are actually hosting me though... should still confirm unless I'm the only one in there) - Consistently come and participate in the community - Offer gift subs to the community - Use bits on this stream - Share my streams on your social networks - Invite friends to come hang out - Follow me on everything: [Twitter]( [Facebook - Artist Page]( [Facebook - Personal Page]( [Instagram]( [Mixcloud]( [Youtube]( [Soundcloud]( [Discord]( Please always remember that your consistent viewership is huge to this streams success... Twitch partnership requires a 75 person average of active viewers; only you can help make that happen. See my twitch schedule tab or join my discord to keep up to date on when I will be live.
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My name is Jay and I am streamer, technology guru, and aspiring professional dj and producer. I am a Southern California native, living in central Kansas since 2020, about 2 hours away from Wichita. I strive to provide a high quality DJ stream with an edge in technology and a focus on new bangers, the epic classics, uniqueness, and obscure tracks that need more attention. On my stream you will hear Trance (many types), House (many types), Hardcore (mostly UK/Happy Hardcore), Drum and Bass, and sometimes mainstream dance music or downtempo. I like to play the harder sub-genres of the underground scene and enjoy many different style of music. You can always expect a surprise with this stream as I play everything from atmospheric tracks all the way up to 200+ BPM hard af tracks (usually not in the same set hahaha).
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I want to take a moment to thank all of you out there on twitch. It's because of all of you that I've been able to prevail in very difficult times and continue to deliver the high quality content that you've come to expect from this stream. I give you all full credit for that and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never feel obligated to give what is outside your financial means, but if you are in a position to [donate](Http://, I appreciate it more than words can say.... The money will always be used toward growing my stream or put toward expenses related to live gigs or throwing events for you to see me live IRL. The success of this stream is in your gracious hands. Thank you everyone for all your continued support
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DJ Setup: - 2x PioneerDJ CDJ3000 - 1x PioneerDJ DJS-1000 - 1x Reloop RP8000s (Straight Arm) - PioneerDJ DJM900NXS2 - PioneerDJ XP2 - Focusrite 2i4 - KRK Rokit 5 G4 - Shure SM58 (Mic) - TRN V80 (In-Ear Monitors) Computers: - Alienware Aurora R7 - Intel NUC Skullcanyon - 2020 Macbook (DJ System) Cameras: - GoPro 8 with Media Mod - Logitech c920s Capture Cards: -AverMedia Live Gamer for DJ Screen -Elgato HD60s for GoPro Lighting: - Philips Hue (a bunch of it) - 2x Moving Head Lights - 1x Party Laser - Fog Machine Projector: - ViewSonic Projector & 120" Screen