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Things to expect here: Great selection, crafted scenes/visuals, fun times, some dancing, a place to talk, a community that shows up. Recently I was asked to pic my favorite three genres-How can you pick only 3? I enjoy jackin techno, gnarly-amen dnb, and lush dub techno.


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Tips are always appreciated. All tips will be split and turned into donations for a cause yet to be determined.


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The NovaBeatz are a team of very skilled DJ’s across the world. During the Covid-19 virus, we have been keeping world trapped in lockdown, vibing with house, rock, dance music!


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We are a team of streamers determined to elevate creative people in and around the community that supports us. If you entertain with music, visual media, humor, or otherwise, jump in the chat and say hello. We’d love to be friends and build something together.

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Hey all! We now have merch up for purchase.

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