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Wick-it the Instigator is a multi-genre DJ and producer. He merges the likes of mashups, hip-hop and electronic to bring together a unique sound that you are bound to enjoy.


To use commands, type these into the chat box and hit enter! !welcome, !support, !sharon, !karen, !schedule, !sets, !hornt, !what, !when

Sharing is sensual

Sharon is Karen. Here's how to HOST this channel and share with your fam: How-to host on Desktop: open a 2nd tab, go to your own channel page, and in the chat type "/host djwickit" then hit enter. How-to host from Mobile app: tap stream video, select triangle Share-To symbol that appears on upper menu, select bottom option to Host.

Tipping is sexy

Karen is also Sharon. Your continued support helps Wickit instigate! Here's how to support Wickit directly: šŸ’œ Venmo []( šŸ’œ Paypal: []( All donations go to improving the stream and essential provisions of beats and mind-melting bangers & mash āš”ļø