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Cozy god gamer. Techno enthusiast. I challenge run difficult games, used to speedrun Boshy, play Guilty Gear: Strive to be god May, and now a lot of variety. 안녕하세요! 방구석 고인물 • 여러가지 재미있고 어려운 게임들을 즐기는 종합게이머입니다. 그리고 테크노 음악도 즐겨요. 한국어를 배우고 있으니 나아질 수 있도록 메시지해 주세요! :)

Hard stuff I've done

DS1 - No Hit (Any%) DS3 - SL1 (to NG+2) IWBTB Any% - 43:58 Jump King - All Maps and Babe of Ascension Celestial in Guilty Gear: Strive Minecraft Hardcore (forsenInsane) Bloodborne BL4 All bosses Currently working on: Bloodborne No-Hit - Any% (hiatus)


1. Don't tell me how to play, what to do, where to go unless I ask you directly, what I should upgrade, or even how much of the game is left. I am most likely better than you at this game and I will perma you to oblivion and back. This is basically the only rule. Exemption: If I'm doing challenge stuff, and you are part of the community feel free to give suggestions on route/strat improvements. 2. Ping the mods :tf: 3. Don't harass other viewers unless they're mods. or do but if they don't like it i'll tell your mom to ground you 4. no politics unless it's based 5. You can flame me if you're subbed to me or you're funny at least.

Schedule (not official)

There is none LULE Join my discord or follow me on twitter to see any updates :)

About me

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Welcome to my stream. I play lots of stuff. I also make music. Sometimes techno. Sometimes gachi. This is a chill and cozy stream, with hints of cancer. I want to create a place for dank memers and cancer to chill. Spam, copypasta, and memeing in chat is welcome and encouraged. Follow to get notified when I start streaming and think about memeing in chat and making fun of me for throwing. More stuff/FAQ: Name: Nathan Age: 25 Location: NorCal Why are you bad at this game: im too busy with your mom forsenHead Will you play this game?: if the game is ur mom yes What's your cats name: Boshy (yes like the shit game i used to speedrun)


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Dono for OF link. All donos help me pay my editor and stuff like my own TTS voice.