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Hey guys i am doctorsh1thead i am gonna show how to be a pro player while being drunk hopefully u guys are gonna choose the bottle ;) ill do alot of giveaways to show my apprication including logitech items/rp/hearthstone packs/digital contant,i hope ill see ya'll around


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Everytime possible/midnight/evnings every time

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Hey, I"m Doctor Shithead, 23 y/o israelian male streamer. We are going to have a lots of fun together, I'm doing giveaways, and other crazy stuff. Be sure to stick around and help me improving my stream by introducing more people to it. Love Y'all shitheads. Hearthstone medicore player,rank 1,used to be in israelian tournaments/arena runs/league of legends Preseason :Diamond 4/been in israelian tournaments aswell Hopefully u will find this stream entretaining Q: Whats your real name? A:My name is or most of u wont understand it cause it seem to be confusing,but or means light in hebrew Q:U got brothers? A:Yeah i've got a twin brother and we share the same tattoo Q:Where are u from? A:I am from Israel Q:How long are u playing league of legends? A:I am playing league of legends for 6 Q:Are u playing on any instrument ? A:I am playing on a piano/violin for nearly 7 years Q:Whats your hobbies ? A:M.M.A,Drawing,talking about life

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The language of the channel is english, no other languages tolerated. No cursing, hate speech, verbal attack, or any form offence. No spaming! Stay kind shitheads Nightbot commands: !vip !songrequest !askhost

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This is the hall of glory for people who helped me out the most.


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16 giga ram 3.20ghz Interl core i7 8770 processor Nvidia gtx 1080 logitech keybored logitech mouse No headset camera + microphone Samsung HD edition 24inches
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Who ever helped me out by the popularize stream, Will get himself a place in a greater giveaway in a special room where rewards are much more greater. Be sure to share the stream if u like getting rewards


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If u feelin like helping me out gettin new stuff,feel free i will never ask for a donation. By donating you agree to not chargeback/refund any tips made and are the rightful owner of the funds being donated. You are paying for a virtual product and not covered with buyer protection. All donations are final!