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I like playing all kinds of games so expect a variety! I am an artist, I do Youtube and lastly I am here, trying to stream whenever I get the chance. I'm Taken ever since 02-17-2020. Don't get any ideas.


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If you want exclusive works and many other things please go ahead and check out my Ko-fi page!

Hello Welcome!

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Hello I am DokuYamika, I like to stream games and Art! I'm an emote artist and currently working on a Webtoon! Click the Panel for Webtoon~!

Twitch Commission Status!

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If you want to commission me, you either press the link the image takes your, or DM me either on Twitch, Instagram or Twitter! Queue list: 1. [OPEN] 2. [OPEN] 3. [OPEN] 4. [OPEN] 5. [OPEN]


*300 Follows* - September 20 2021


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-No Racism -No Politics -No Spamming Too Much -Don't be an ass -No Self Promo unless I permit so -Just Don't be a ming mong lol -Please talk about things that are relevant to stream. If there are things you want to talk about that isn't relevant talk amongst yourselves.


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If you really want to support me, donations are here! It's not required nor do I force you to donate. I also have a Donation goal to meet my girlfriend that lives in New Zealand! If you guys really do want to support me, help me make this dream a reality! Thank You!!!


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GPU: MSI GAMING 6600 XT CPU: intel i7 10700k Processor Motherboard: Asus Prime z490-A RAM: 16GB G.Skill Trident RGB 3000 mHz PSU: Corsair RMx 850W HDD: 3 TB Seagate Barracuda SSD: 250gb Samsung EVO CPU Fan: Cooler Master T2 Case: Phanteks P400s Eclipse (Black)


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These are just what I am going for after I reach my donation goal of meeting my girlfriend! You don't have to get me this!


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