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Dovah_Yol streams Just Chatting.


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Who am I?

My name is Paul. I did have a day job but Rona got her I used to stream in college but I wasn't that good at any games. Anything I missed and you want to know, just ask in chat.

Chat Rules

No racism, prejudices, or discrimination No shaming or harassing other viewers No sexism No NSFW links Sorry I only speak English. Please no advertisements More rules will be made if necessary.

Want to chat?

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Join my Discord


All times are in U.S. EST Monday: Open for special streams Tuesday: 7:30pm - 11 pm Thursday: 7:30pm-12am Saturdays: 7pm-????

What do I play?

I play: Ark League of Legends TFT Legends of Runeterra Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Dark Souls series Monster Hunter World Red Dead Redemption 2 For Honor Minecraft And if I get enough interested parties: I'll play Alien isolation again I build Gundams sometimes so I wouldn't mind streaming a build AND VALORANT, cause I got a Drop

What's my Thing?

I like to play Top lane champs in LoL, in other roles, like ADC and Support mainly. I am always down for suggestions.


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So i have been a League fan for years and I got to play Runeterra in the Beta. I would love to own this to show my achievement.


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